Plus, 100% green electricity for 3 million customers (CEO interview), RIP Bishop Desmond Tutu, and design thinking for your life (book).
Plus, an employee guide for climate action, living to be 122 years old, a blind man kayaked the Grand Canyon, and making decisions like Warren Buffet.
Plus, 75% of investors increased diligence on ESG, Saudi Aramco wants us to invest more in fossil fuels, and what would it look like if it were easy?
Plus, a meditation headband for biohacking, kelp as a climate solution, hippie granola vs. too many hills, and can you do XYZ forever?
Plus, climate advice from Nest's Founder, negotiation tips from a former FBI exec, an interview with a zero-plastic online grocery startup CEO, and a…
Plus, the Buyer’s Guide to Financing Your Climate Venture, 12 tips for better sleep, Thanksgiving humor, and building a smokeless campfire pit.
Plus, only 5 seats left in our final Climate Mastermind cohort, climate tech to create 8 more Teslas (Gates), MC Hammer pants, box breathing, and…
Plus, the top 10 climate investors since 2018, reprogramming our own neural nets, and the wisdom of fart analogies (?).
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